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Welcome to Perú

Discover Peru

Welcome to Peru, one of the few countries in the world that still mantains a shroud of secrets and mysteries to discover. Come visit and learn about our ancient cultures, magnificent cuisine, geography, wildlife and of course, culture and our people.

Geography and Culture

Peru´s incredible geography spans from sea level to 6000 meters, an impenetrable jungle, high mountains and arid deserts. Everything from glaciers to volcanoes, deep valleys and high plateaus. Breathtaking landscapes, birds and wild animals, ancient archeologicals sites, monuments, modern cities, varying religions and beliefs, cultures and ways of life all blend togther in an extraordinary country thats waiting to enrich your life and make memories that will last forever.

Extraordinary variety

Peru has 84 of the 104 known natural ecosystems on the planet sprad across vast deserts, impenetrable tropical jungles and towering mountains. It´s geography, flora and fauna are imcomparable; and with them comes one of the most rich and varied cuisines in the world, drawing from many different cultural backgrounds. The extraordinary variety of natural resources and landscapes makes Peru a haven for adventures sports.

A unique adventure

All these things are more than enough reasons to visit Peru. A unique adventure that you can´t let slip thru your fingers.
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